Lab 6, Telescope? I had to Tele-cope with Docker…

Lab 6 was very cool! Also very annoying.

First off, cloning Telescope for my Windows Partition wasn’t hard, at all. I’m proficient with git, so that was easy. The annoying part was getting Docker ready for Windows.

First, I had to install Windows Subsystem for Linux. That wasn’t hard, it was fairly easy. So, with Linux installed and Docker installed, that must mean I’m ready, right? NOT SO FAST, EAGER MCBEAVER. I completely forgot that Docker only works for Version 2 of WSL, so I had to spend a while just waiting for Windows to convert it into WSL 2. Now… it’s time. I ran Docker and it generated this Document, detailing about the Telescope API, cool!

The Generated File

Well, now that I have everything ready, and Telescope is running, I made a simple addition to my Python script. Well.. does it work? Oh baby it does.

Output from ConEmu

To be honest, I enjoyed this Lab because I got to setup Docker for Windows. I felt a lot of emotions with WSL, but my goodness does it feel so good to get my code to work. This was a very spicy lab.