Looking back at my work

Working with Telescope and Satellite was probably one of the many opportunities that I’ve enjoyed. I started off as a newbie when it came to stuff like CORS, microservices, and npm entirely. I never knew how deep web development was until I started DPS911, and I’m incredibly grateful with the experiences that I’ve went through.

To be completely honest though, I don’t think I was the best. I haven’t pushed a bunch of PRs, I kept being slow with fixing the issues that I was assigned to, I spent too much time reading than coding, and in my opinion, I was quite disappointing. There’s no excuse. I’ve just been really bad.

Even after the course, I want to continue contributing to Telescope and Satellite, I really do. I loved learning new things, I loved debugging bugs, I learnt so much about how web backends work, and how they handle errors. I loved every part of Telescope. Everyone was super kind and awesome, and we all collectively contributed to something that will benefit other Seneca students in the future, and I genuinely want to continue with that.

I’ve learnt so much about Open Source that I want to bring my own project onto CDOT sometime, the community here is possibly one of the best qualities that we have, but not many people know about it, and it’s a shame. Our Open Source community brings you up, both as a person, and also as a developer; you start to get confidence in your code, and your contributions. The culture here is amazing; you don’t know something? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out and teach you how x, y, and z works. Need help debugging? Don’t worry! We’ll hop on and learn what’s going on. People are willing to jump in and help when necessary, not cause of ego, but for the good of the project and our community, and that’s amazing.

For any person who’s contemplating taking the Open Source courses (both 909 and 911), please, go for it. This is a course that is the needle in the hay-stack, and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s a shame that Seneca doesn’t advertise CDOT a lot more, because I’d argue that it’s the best part of Seneca in general.

I don’t want to end off at a bad note. I want to continue to work on Telescope, along with my own projects. I want to contribute not for the clout, but to genuinely help people fix any issues that they encounter. I want to contribute to create a tool that users will use. I want to be in Open Source.

But I have to be honest. I was very disappointing.

Transit Enthusiast, and Games Enthusiast

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